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Relaixed Enclosure back-plate component questions

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Hi all,
I pretty much copied the back-panel design of Jos and had it made by Schaeffer. Very good quality and very fair pricing.
Getting the panel in my hands has raised a few minor issues that I hope somebody can help me with.
1) What size and type of screws do you use to fasten the XLR sockets to the backplate? I figure M3/10mm self-threading screws will do but I cannot seem to find any in black. Is it possible to "thread" the sockets (M3) and then use machine screws?
2) The IEC sockets I have around are a little bit to big for the hole in the backpanel (my mistake for not checking). Anybody know socket part number that will fit the bill (Farnell preferably.....)?
3) Suggestions with respect to suitable socket and plugs for the 12V relay connection would also be welcome.

These are really small issues so I understand that I may not get any replies.



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Well - I guess its vacation time!

Anyway, in my adventure of finding the right screws for fixing the XLR sockets to the back-panel I realized that doing so pulls signal ground to the chassis. I did not expect this as Jos recommend a resistor between the two. Having a closer look at the XLR sockets (part numbers according to manual and purchased from Farnell) I see that pin 1 (signal ground) is connected to the inner side of one of the screw holes on the socket.
I guess that I will have to rip of this connection or use non-conductive screws if I wish to keep signal and chassis grounds separate....
Well - happy week-end to anybody that might read this post.

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