Experiences with the RelaiXed DIY audio preamplifier

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RelaiXed with internal DAC - how is the better way to wire?

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Hi all,
I would like build an "integrated" pre-amp/DAC based on RelaiXed and a DAC with balanced output (Buffalo32S). I'm sure that some of you has done similar things already.
I was considering to simply omit mounting one set of XLR input sockets (and their respective holes in the back-panel) and wire the DAC output to the PCB. Alternatively I could mount all the XLR sockets and connect the DAC to one set of these on the bottom side of the PCB.
Any opinions and/or suggestions?

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2RelaiXed with internal DAC - how is the better way to wire? Empty any progress on Dac/controller? on Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:35 am

Hi Nicolais,

I am too interested in pursuing the same route with combine Dac/controller. I am thinking of using the twisted pear audio buffalo Dac. Have you made any progress?

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For the moment I have decided to use a separate DAC because I don't want to ruin the simplicity of front-end of the RelaiXed. My problem is that I have multiple digital sources and therefore also a mux to select between these before the DAC. If I would one day be able to control the mux-input with Jos's software/interface I would definitely build them together. Especially with the new Buffalo32S it is quite simple and there is room in the chassis.
The wiring is quite simple as I simply leave out one of the Balanced inputs and wire it internally. The only problem is to control the digital input selection without adding a switch on the front panel. If you have only one digital source it is pretty trivial.

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