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Experiences with the RelaiXed DIY audio preamplifier

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Hifi2000 'slimline' case with RelaiXed frontpanel

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Hi all,
I did not obtain any answer on a request from me to have dedicated 'RelaiXed' versions of the 1U slimline case, as standard item for sale through the hifi2000 website.

As alternative, I contacted a nearby metal working company with the question whether they could rework the standard 10mm slimline frontpanel according to my RelaiXed design. That turns out to be fine!

I made this frontpanel design, a look-alike of some of the photo's on my website:
The frontpanel will be delivered together with an exactly fitting transparent darkly-colored window which 'submerges' in the panel.
There is a 32-mm opening to mount a recessed 30mm volume knob. Personally I use the Dact 'CT-knob-2' volume knob which (in my taste) is beautiful. It is made of solid RVS steel, and its weight feels nice in combination with the soft clicks of the rotary. Also, it has no marking for its position, which fits its use of 'relative' volume adjustments. Unfortunately that knob is a little expensive, around Euro 19,- eg at or

Clearly, I have to process a batch of these frontpanels at once. I see two options to cooperate in this:
A] I buy a set of 'slimline' cases, all same size, some with silver and some with black frontpanel. I have all frontpanels machined according to above drawing, and you can buy the resulting case from me. I would order the 280mm-deep case: , in combination with the optional interior divider (to shield the power supply and get some extra support strength) and the optional 4 large rubber feet.
I can offer this package (complete case with reworked front and plexiglass window) for Euro 110,= excl. shipping cost from me to you. (and I hope to receive advance payments)
B] You send me your own 'slimline'-10mm frontpanel, and I take care of machining and adding the plexiglass window. That would cost Euro 35,= excl. shipping cost to mail it back to you.

In this forum, you can reply/discuss on the specific design and my proposed selection. Maybe we can adjust some things. However, keep in mind that I need to minimize the number of options/variations for a one-go batch process....

If you want to join this hifi2000 case (-front) creation round, please send an email to me with 'relaixed case' in its subject, not later then May 20'th. For my above option A], indicate whether you want the black or the silver front panel. If I receive a reasonable number of reactions for A], I will order a couple of more cases for local stock. Clearly, if I get a disappointing number of reactions for the sum of A] and B], I will have to cancel the whole process...

Hope to help you with this,
Jos van Eijndhoven

ps: this offer does not say anything about the back-panel. For now I assume that backpanels can be ordered individually at

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Until now, there was no photo online of my (older) black slimline case with the DACT knob. This is just so you can see what to expect. (Although my camera cannot take quality pictures of these things...)
Note that this case contains a different circuit with another front-PCB layout:
black slimline with window


Hello Jos,

Could you tell me which metal company in the region of Eindhoven offers this custom work?

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